Avoiding Window Tint Fine With Speeding Ticket

Many of  us have gotten pulled over for speeding in our days.  Most times we are guilty and just pay our fine and move on.  Sometimes though they will add on extra fines, like a window tint fine, to the speeding ticket and it can often cost upwards of $500 for all the fines.

While it may be true you have your windows tinted, sometimes the police will just write the ticket without having a tint meter measure how dark the windows are. This could be a thing you could contend in court and many times a traffic ticket lawyer or window tint attorney could help  you out.

There are many good law firms that are experts in the traffic ticket area and know things from speeding tickets, DUI, window tint fines and so on.  Their costs can vary so be sure to check out and make sure it is cost effective. Most times we have window tint on our cars to look good. We do not try to hide things from people are most people that have their car windows tinted are good citizens with nothing to hide.

Unfortunately there is a perception that people that have auto tint all over their car are up to no good. This is simply not true and it hurts when everyone stereotypes people and assumes they are causing trouble.

While tint jobs can be illegal, many times people just get tickets for them when they are guilty of another traffic infraction. The best thing to do is to follow all the traffic rules so you never give anyone a reason to pull you over for any infraction, including window tint.

Hopefully no one will get pulled over for their tints, but that is just false hope.  Be prepared to go to court if you really want to fight it, because you may be guilty if your windows are really dark.  There is a fine line on what the law allows. Good luck.