6 Ways to Beat Window Tint Tickets & Fines

Let’s face it many of us have gotten traffic tickets before and when the police pull you over you never know how they will feel about your window tint. Most tint is illegal and too dark and many cops will give you a ticket and fine you for it.  Others do not really care so it really depends on the area and how they fell that day. But a time will come when you will get a ticket and then they may even ask you to remove it.

So how can I beat a window tint ticket?

Well it could be hard to get out of a window tint fine, but it is not impossible. There are some key points to remember to help you get out of the fine and get the ticket waived. Note: I take no responsibility to your circumstance and these tips are just my ramblings. Your choice is your own so do not hing based on what you see here.

1. Just show up to court. Many times the officer will not show up and you can just get it thrown out. So you say they will always show up on their scheduled day.  Yes that is true, so you call and say you need to reschedule your day, then plead not guilty, then ask for a trial or summary judgment ( or similar in your area).  The key here is to keep prolong the event and maybe the officer will  not show up for one of those and you win. Due process is your right.

2. Read the ticket carefully. Did it not the right color car? Correct location? Day, time, etc.?  While these may just be small errors, if the ticket says 04 Hummer and you have a 98 Neon, then there is a problem and you could win be default that way.

3. Ask for the last time the window tint meter was recalibrated and tested.  If it was a long time ago maybe the tint meter is not accurate and you could have the fine waived.

4. Just ask for forgiveness. Plead no contest and say you are going to get it removed and ramble on about buying the car with it on, you never liked the window tint, and so on.  Just try it and see if it works. They may ask you to prove when you take it off so be prepared to have your bluff called.

5.Get a lawyer. Sometimes just lawyering up can set a good example and cause the fine or ticket to be waived. Seems wrong, but if you pay $75 to save $100 then it might be worth it. Also, if you have other charges such as DUI, Speeding, reckless operation, you should get a attorney anyway. Most lawyers will be able to at least help you get a reduced fine, but that is no excuse to have an entitlement to get charges dropped. Then the tint is the least of your issues.

6. Finally, just be prepared to fight. So many people just write a check for their fine and give up. Fight for your rights. A window tint ticket lawyer may be worth the cost if you have big fines or a suspension pending.  If you drive a car or truck for a living, this may be the only way to save your job.

Overall, these kind of traffic tickets are common. There are many traffic ticket lawyers out there that will help you in cases with non moving violations, as well as, moving violations.  You never know if you can get a tint ticket dismissed, so it may be worth a shot.

A tint fine would be considered a non moving violation and probably not have any points on your license because of it.  Speeding, wrecks, DUI, DWI, reckless opp., and other offenses are considered moving violations.

It is up to you to determine when you need a traffic ticket attorney, but you could be surprised on how much they can help you. You must do a cost benefit thing to see if it will save you money or maybe your job by reducing your fines or charges from the traffic violation.

Most traffic lawyers will give at least a few minutes of free time for a consultation to see if it is worth you time and money to hire an attorney.

Sometimes people make mistakes, so let us not be too judgmental of those who happen to get pulled over.  Next time you drive by someone who is pulled over, think that it could be you one day. Please be careful on the roadways, as many people die each year that should not have to. Drinking and driving is not cool in any way so get a DD or call a taxi or friend. We all have lost someone that we should not!